PORTABLE MAPLE DANCE FLOOR 12ft x 12ft for GRASS - 16 couples dancing

This portable Snaplock Dance Floor provides a perfect solution for easy and quality surfacing from weddings, to trade shows, to residential spaces and beyond. Whether your event is on grass, sand, or any other solid sub surface, this is the right portable event flooring system for you. This all-weather portable floors requires no tools or skill for installation and removal. Installation is a Snap!™ 

$300.00 incl. delivery & installation on grass (includes subflooring) in Moab City Limits

PORTABLE MAPLE DANCE FLOOR 12ft x 12ft for CARPET/CONCRETE - 16 couples dancing

$220.00 incl. delivery & installation on carpet/concrete in Moab City Limits

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For most weddings you can assume 40% of your party guests will be dancing at any given time. Industry standard suggests each couple will need 9 sq ft per couple / 4.5 sq ft per person. Example: You have 40 guests, 40% or 16 guests, will be dancing. This means you would need approx. 16 guests x 4.5 sq ft = 72 square feet of dance floor for your event, or a 9ft x 9ft dance floor. Consider other factors like the age of your guests and how many people really will be dancing at your event.